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Stand Up to the Bullies

We will be posting our first video on our "Our Videos" page soon. So, stay tuned! Thanks.

How You See Bullying

How a 15 year old and how 7 year old see bullying are two different things.  We asked a seven year the other day what he thought bullying was and he said, “Bullying is when someone did mean things to their friend.  And that guy wasn’t even mean to him.”  A 10 year old thought it was when, “People are doing mean things through their words and actions to someone else.”  A 15 year old says, “Bullying is ANYTHING that makes anyone feel less of him or herself.”

Please comment on your definition of bullying.  Thanks :)

Become More Aware

Bullying has become a huge topic around the world. There are various reasons as to why and how bullying starts, depending on diverse situations. It affects everyone around us and there is little we can do to eradicate bullying once and for all. However, we can take action to make everyone, especially our peers, more aware of this growing problem. Here on our website, we will be letting you know all about bullying; from the facts to real life situations that we have experienced. Bullying is extremely serious, considering it has caused people all over the world to commit suicide. Every small action counts, and those small actions need to start somewhere. Support the cause by telling all your friends and buying our merchandise. Enjoy our videos, blog, advice, and education pages. Also, please remember to be careful of what you say. Even though you may think it is funny, it can be hurting others inside.

If you are being bullied, please contact us and we can help you through your hard times. Never give up on your life because people DO love you and you will be greatly missed.